Friday, June 3, 2011

Back in Zion!

I am back in my favorite place in the world for the next 3 months: Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Monday while driving from Provo, perhaps one of my least favorite places in the world besides the Tel Aviv bus station which is like something from a Mad Max movie, I counted the miles I had to go before arriving home. I've spent most of the last 7.5 years in Springdale and Zion, a place I originally was only going to be for 9 months.

The weather has been unseasonably cool, which I cannot decide if that is good or bad. Good as it will keep my electricity bills down at the house I am living at (my only housing expense for the summer). It also makes hiking and early morning walks much more enjoyable. Bad because the water in the pool at my house is still too chilly to swim in.

Being back is also great as I get to reconnect with all the people who mean so much to me. My mom said that being in Springdale with me was like being with a celebrity because everyone was so excited to see me.

While in Springdale I will be working, at least 2 jobs. I am back to Simply Birkenstock and Zion Lodge, the place that brought me to Springdale in the first place. I will probably be helping as needed at a couple of other businesses as well, though those have yet to be finalized. Plus I have to keep up the house. Thankfully, I do not have to deal with the messy business of irrigation. Water in Springdale and Rockville can be a very touchy issue. In Southern Utah, you buy rights to water. If you go over your share, be prepared to pay an astronomical sum for your usage.

I'm off to read by the pool, and to deal with the mouse in my house. Good times.