Thursday, October 7, 2010

School, Week #4

School has been in session for 4 weeks and there are several things I just have to accept:
  • The schedule will continue to change despite efforts to the contrary.
  • Georgian students will never learn the idea of raising your hand to talk and that only one person at a time speaks.
  • The school officials think that the Americans are incapable of planning their own free time, hence make us attend mandatory events with 24-48 hours advance notice.
  • The "English" teachers will continue to conduct the English classes using a minimal amount of English and a maximum amount of Georgian.
  • Marshutkas are a level of hell that Dante could not have envisioned.

While the issue of public transportation here does not relate to school, it is something I have to accept. If I want to get anywhere, I have no choice but to take it, as program participants are forbidden from driving. (Georgian drivers are very bad). The next post will feature the hideous world of the marshutka.

There have been some successes at school too, successes which help to spur me on each day.

  • I now teach the 12th graders who care about English solely by myself. There are about 4 of them.
  • Class 7B listens...for the most part.
  • The after school class for students who show promise in the English language is going well, but they still need to learn the difference between preparing for a discussion and writing down exactly what they will say.

Hopefully as the weeks continue there will be more successes to list.